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What our customers write about us

I downloaded IPTVX on my iPhone 12, iPad Pro, and AppleTVs, and IPTVX works flawlessly across all of my devices. The app loads quickly, updates with my settings, and videos stream perfectly. The user experience is VERY polished with simple navigation that works and when searching for’s easy to find & highly responsive. I highly recommend IPTVX!

Boulderrdash via AppStore review

This is by far the best IPTV app out there. It is well worth the subscription and now family sharing means my kids can use it to. It is a very well written app and clearly is worth the money. Thank you!

Gracie via AppStore review

I’ve been in the IPTV game for over 10 years now and the usual apps haven’t changed a bit since then and extremely stable. Then along came IPTVX and wow. I purchased this right at the beginning when it was first launched and the ongoing development is unbelievable. Even in its first form, it was more stable, better looking, and more functional than all the other apps out there but the developer is constantly adding features (offline content coming next). Any bugs are ironed out within days not months and the developer is very active on social media, announcing all the things being worked on and responsive to messages too. For me, I just wanted an app that had a good TV guide, full search facility, and didn’t crash. This does all those and a lot more.

Scutts via AppStore review

Finally a nice and functional IPTV app. This and [other app] are the best in interface. I choose this one because I liked the interface and I see that the developer is constantly updating it. I thought a lot about whether to subscribe or just pay for it. After a lot of searching I see that the [ndr. other] IPTV apps are poor and ugly.

Jugatx via AppStore review

This app is very good once your playlist is uploaded. [..]  Once [ndr. the playlist] it’s uploaded, the app works great without any issues. It’s very organized and well updated through out the year. I have had for a year now and I just re-subscribed. Keep up the good work. A+++

The Somali King via AppStore review

Amazing app
Before I had found IPTVX I’ve tried lots of other players from [other app] to newer ones. But no one had the interface and the look and feel as IPTVX. This is another reason why I’ve subscribed for a FULL plan. Highly recommended. [...] Good work.

Petrica via AppStore review