Learn more about how "Family Sharing" works in IPTVX

Welcome to “Family Sharing”!

Apple Family Sharing lets you and up to five other family members share app subscriptions and services (more info here).

Why is this an important milestone for IPTVX?
Let's make an example:

1. Susan owns an AppleTV where she sets her AppStore / iCloud account;
2. Susan and her family use IPTVX on the AppleTV every day;
3. Susan has IPTVX on her iPhone too, and everything is synchronized through iCloud;
4. Mark is Susan's husband and although he has a playlist on Susan's AppleTV, he also uses IPTVX on his iPhone with his AppStore / iCloud account;
5. For this reason, Mark is not able to get the data synchronized between his iPhone and Susan's AppleTV. Moreover, he cannot use Susan's IPTVX subscription and must pay another subscription;
6. Susan has also 2 sons that both want to use IPTVX on their iPhones. However Susan doesn’t want to pay 4 subscriptions for all her family, and in any case, AppleTV uses her account, which doesn’t solve the data synchronization problem for the rest of the family.

IPTVX offers a solution for this:

Thanks to the AppleTV multi-users recent changes, it is now possible to set a different iCloud account for each family member. Moreover, thanks to the Apple Family Sharing recent changes, it is now possible to offer subscriptions that support Family Sharing.

So what should you do?

If you have a family, setting this up is super easy:

1. An adult from your family must set up the Apple Family Sharing from an Apple device (instructions here);
2. In the settings of your AppleTV, create a new user for each family member (instructions here);
3. In IPTVX, go into settings, open the In-App purchase panel and subscribe to the FULL version with Family Sharing. And you are done! Now every family member will have their data synchronized on their iCloud account, plus the family will share a unique subscription. All you have to do is to switch AppleTV users when using IPTVX (instructions here);

If you are an existing subscriber don’t worry, you won’t lose the money you already spent on your current subscription: Apple makes sure you are immediately upgraded and receive a refund of the prorated amount of your original subscription.

For example, if for your current subscription you paid $12 for 12 months, 8 months ago, you’ll get $ 4 back for the remaining 4 months. At the same time, Apple will charge you for the new 12 months subscription that will start immediately.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy IPTVX + Family Sharing!