Privacy Policy

By using IPTVX you understand and accept that:

1. IPTVX is a utility app that allows you to parse your playlists and watch your content: IPTVX, the associated company “Bending X - FZE”, and its members do not provide any content for it. You are the only one responsible for the content you provide and play with IPTVX;

2. IPTVX doesn't store any of your identity personal information; you can only decide to provide your email to receive the news;

3. IPTVX, using Apple Framework CloudKit, stores on your iCloud your preferences, settings, and progress, such as playlists, favorites, continue watching, hidden channels, parental controls, etc. This data remains accessible only to you. This data is on your iCloud and will use your iCloud space if available, or won't work otherwise;

4. It's your choice whether or not to report a bug. When you do this, the app will ask if you want to attach or not the log file. The log file might contain information regarding what streams you tried to play with eventual related errors;

5. IPTVX uses an iCloud hashed ID to determine users flows and to tacks analytics events of the usage of the app. However, IPTVX doesn't have any access to your identity and to your private info such as your email account, name, phone, and other personal data. The analytics collected are only meant for app functionalities improvements, and performance improvement and they are not linked to your identity.