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Subscriptions, payments and refunds
For any problem with subscriptions, questions about refunds, and other payments related issues, please get in touch with Apple support, or check this Apple page.

To report a bug
If the solutions above didn't help you and you want to report a bug, you can do this from the iOS app's settings page, or you can report it sending an email to this address to open a ticket.
As an email subject, please write a meaningful title that represents a short description of your bug and the device where it happens. In the description, please write the app version and the steps to reproduce your bug. Please don't open a ticket with multiple bugs.
For example:

[iOS] Top panel in the player doesn't show content info.

Version: 1.2 Device: iPad

1. Open the player;
2. Open the info tab;
RESULT: I don't see the content's info;
EXPECTED: I should see the content's info.

Also please attach any image, video, and useful details, links, and files that can be useful to reproduce and fix the bug. Please do not expect a reply: your email will open an entry in our bug tracker automatically and we'll go through it once prioritized. You will receive an email from us when your ticket gets addressed. For any other info For any other info or question, please write to this address (please take into account that bug reports to this email and feature requests will be ignored).